Study Area: Isiolo and Garissa counties. Located in the North East of Kenya regarded as Arid Semi-Arid Land.

Livelihood: Large pastoral populations with isolated croplands in the riverine areas. Both of these counties have high poverty rates (59.1% and 65.5%, respectively), and depend on natural resources for a large proportion of their economic productivity.

Vegetation Cover: Bush/Shrub land with Grassland patches and riverine woodlands.

Climate: Tropical Arid and Semi-Arid

Isiolo Garissa
Area (square km) 25,336.10 45,720.20
Population (2009 Census) 143,294 623,060
Cattle (2016) 213,665 1,270,554
Sheep (2016) 397,527 1,958,435
Goats (2016) 425,877 2,246,345
Camels (2016) 65,916 463,578