The Oblast of Naryn is the largest region of Kyrgyzstan with 5 districts (Naryn, At-Bashy,Jumgal, Ak-Talaa & Kochkor). It is located in the east of the country, situated in the centre of the Tian Shan Mountains. The population of Naryn oblast is 99% Kyrgyz. The economy is dominated by animal herding (sheep, horses, yaks), with wool and meat as the main products. It is considered to be the poorest region in the country. It boasts of beautiful mountains, alpine pastures and Son-Kul Lake which during summer months attracts large herds.

Area : 45,200 km2

Population : 287,048 people (2019)

Climate : Predominance of cold, dry winters and warm, wet summers Annual Ppt. 300mm & Average Temp. 3.8o C

Land cover/use Percentage
Pasture land 59%
Others 33%
Forest 3%
Arable land 3%
Hay fields 2%